Dave Lartigue discovers a Mega Blok in his LEGO collection

What would you do if you found a nasty old Mega Blok as you were sorting your LEGO collection? Dave Lartigue experienced just such a terrifying situation and took drastic measures.

Isolating and disposing of the offending (offensive) brick seems like a short-term solution, however. As a long-term solution, I suggest we invade Canada.

20 comments on “Dave Lartigue discovers a Mega Blok in his LEGO collection

  1. Dace

    Whenever I accidentally touch one, I scream and run to the nearest corner.
    When I get a hold of my self, I nervously search the room for a shoe and start slapping the abomination.

  2. David

    I actually have two that I LOVE, I keep them because LEGO will never make that piece (and they are small).

    Does Canada have oil that I didn’t know about? ;)

  3. wusmand

    This to has happened to me before, I took drastic measures bye emediatly throwing it away. Also I just got a HUGE box of legos from my friend,about 25% of them were mega bloks

  4. David

    It’s a 1×1 tile that has a little point on it so you can fit a round 1x1x1 round piece to it. It’s nifty. I keep them away from real LEGOs. :)

  5. Kaptain Kobold

    I use Mega Blocks. They do this really nice 1×1 round piece with a handle on it which makes a great magifying glass to Sherlock Holmes.

  6. Jude

    Regarding the long-term solution, the last time you took the Great White North on, it did not go so well for you. And most of your military otherwise engaged.

    Then again, if you were to get our Walmarts to sell LEGO again, I might be willing to greet you as liberators.

  7. mike yoder


    America has conveniently forgotten about getting our butts handed to us by Canada. That’s not one they teach in school down here! And your comment made me LOL. Ha!

  8. David

    America never loses, we just change what our mission goals are.

    And in the case of Iraq (Which I doubt even have MEGA Bloks, hehe) we no longer even have a mission so there is no way we could lose. :)

    And frankly we didn’t lose to Canada, we got the warmer section. hehe

  9. Dunechaser Post author

    Okay folks, let’s not get political if we don’t need to. The reference to Canada was simply due to the fact that Mega Bloks is a Canadian company. ;-)

  10. Jon

    Poor megabloks. I think they get a rough deal. Sure they’re not LEGO, but I’m all for fair competition in the market.

    (PS your comment form incorrectly assumes ‘ ‘ is not a valid character in an e-mail address)

  11. strider_mt2k

    I was just given a large box of Lego, fake-Lego, and random non-Lego stuff.

    The [initial] sorting process has been going a few hours a day for the last couple of days as there is a TON of mega blok and brik pieces to sort out. (I’m a purist when it comes to Lego as well.)

    At this point I have almost two grocery bags of “Nogos” as I like to call em, with at least half a bag more if the trend continues.

    Then the Lego pieces get sorted for blatantly specialized stuff and stuff with animal faces on ’em.

    THEN I build.

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