Dwarfs, orcs, hobbits, and more bathing babes

Surely, this can only be the work of Rocko. Check out his latest castle diorama. In addition to the round towers and the neat hobbit hole, this scene has an underground section full of surprising details.

9 comments on “Dwarfs, orcs, hobbits, and more bathing babes

  1. Rocko

    “How can you not love a princess bathing in blood?”

    Ah, the question that has stumped the finest minds for generations…

    Just for the record, I never said it was blood. It could be anything like…uh..wine…or…umm…

    Ok, it’s blood.

  2. wusmand

    wOW, true deatail, my fav part would have to be the goblins and dwarves mining into eachother. I can only image what what would happen after that…

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