Last minute Steam Wars highlights

The Steam Wars contest is wrapping up tonight. Check out some of the great last minute entries showing up.

Nelson Yrizarry (BigDaddy) enters with his steampunk version of Grievous’ Wheel Bike:

Motian with his steamfied take on the Slave I:

Adrian Florea with a steampunk’d AT-TE cleverly named the AT-sTEam:

ACPin‘s steampunk Sail Barge:

ARC-17 Steamfighter from Thire:

There’s plenty of entries in this exciting contest. Click here to see them all! Good luck to the skillful builders out there, the judges will have a tough time!

6 comments on “Last minute Steam Wars highlights

  1. curtis

    I like the AT-sTEam the best out of all the entries I’ve seen so far. It looks the least ‘forced’. Personally I’m glad this contest will be over soon, I’m getting sick of steam punkified stuff.

  2. Preda

    Wow,that Servus 1-ship is the most awesome thing I have ever seen build with lego…such an amount of details is incredible.

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