UK Toy Fair reveals late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets [News]

A good day for Lego Star Wars fans, we get to see pictures of the upcoming summer 2008 sets and their minifigs from coverage of UK’s Toy Fair. Check out the gallery!

20 comments on “UK Toy Fair reveals late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets [News]

  1. curtis

    It must be a character from the upcoming ‘The Clone Wars’ series. I don’t recognize the species, maybe it’s like that big frog thing outside of Jaba’s palace that ate that cat-like thing with it’s tongue.

  2. David

    “…point to him being a young, or diminuitive Hutt, and even being Jabba’s son, or another close relative.”

    Star’s from Wiki Star Wars.

  3. jk

    they’re making arc troopers?! zomfg!
    ( i love the new sets, especially the magnagaurds and arc troopers)
    ps- whats the pod with the gunship?

  4. Kikimaru

    “Commander Cody” — INSTANT WIN.

    Seriously, does TLC really expect to have enough inventory of the new Gunships?

  5. Tyler

    I can not wait to get these sets! I’m going to save up all my money and buy the whole collection. I’m so happy to finally see pictures of the minifigures that come with these sets. I wish I was in the UK right now.

  6. like star wars lego

    i love star wars lego i think the will not have enof i sttoke there so dum if they dont lol im so siked i need so much munny to get the hole thing

  7. like star wars lego

    ello me again the pods a batta tank i need the new gunship or il die
    i think im ded now of extimeent what sets you all got

  8. sologuy 94

    honestly I love Lego star wars it is the best. I have browsed the web and found quite a few things about the new sets. First, the new sets include the magna droid starfighter, V19 Torrent, AT-TE, and republic gunship. The magna droid star fighter is ~$45.00 and includes two general grieveous body gaurds. The v19 torrent is~$55.00 and I do not know which minifigures. The AT-TE is ~90.00 and includes aniken skywalker, the huttlet rhota, Ahsota, two troopers, and a battle droid on STAP. The republic gunship is ~120.00 and has 7 minifigs: 4 troopers, obi won kenobi, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress. Ventress has double lightsaber that splits into two. All sets released august. Enjoy!

  9. Marcus

    This set looks “freakishly awesome”!I am disappointed about the price though. Captain Rex is also a great minifig.I believe these sets come out at Toys R Us On July 26th.


    hola soy augusto de argentina esta muy bueno de lego star wars por que soy fans de lego me gustaria compralo pero sonce y donde lo intetare compralo.

    augusto contreras de argentina.

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