10185 Green Grocer, new addition to modular street [News]

It’s only a thumbnail, but it sure is pretty…

UPDATE: Green Grocer is now available from the LEGO Shop.

Kudos to Anthony Sava.

13 comments on “10185 Green Grocer, new addition to modular street [News]

  1. Ethan

    Shoot… I need to put my money where my mouth is (And break my budget) and get this, Cafe Corner, and Market Street!

    Thanks LEGO for such awesome sets!

  2. Rocko


    Nannan, I think they would definitely put such skills to use if it were marketable. I think that the castle theme would benefit from the detailed builds of the modular line. It might also prove to be commercially successful.

  3. Ty

    Is that a Viking Design board above the door? Looks like it… Anyway, another cool sset in this “Advanced City” line.

  4. Guido

    Great another great edition to Café Corner better then Market Street
    with 2352 pieces it will probably cost around €150-€160!
    Compared to CC witch has 2056pc. and cost €140.

  5. Cashcleaner

    Looks a lot better than Market Street and will fit properly with Cafe Corner. Market Street’s main problem was that the colours clashed with CC and had four floors instead of three. This Green Grocer should fit well with the 3 floors and has a facade and roof similar to that of CC.

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