Wheeling around Hong Kong with Horace Cheng

I’m sorry to say that I really only look for LEGO pictures on Brickshelf and Flickr, so it was wonderful to find Horace Cheng on Flickr earlier today. (Remember his awesome Flappters?)

Anyway, Horace doesn’t live in Hong Kong, but he’s captured a couple iconic vehicles I remember from my visit there in 1989 — a natural gas delivery-man (above) and rickshaw (below).

3 comments on “Wheeling around Hong Kong with Horace Cheng

  1. hamilton

    These are truely awesome!
    The rickshaw guy is a bit of a throwback to old times (dont see many/any in HK these days) but hes way cool anyway…
    These guys would really look awesome in the Mong-Kok street scene MOC i am working on!!

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