Minas Tirith by Astuanax

I sometimes feel like I haven’t been paying attention or something when I discover a builder I haven’t heard of before through one of the many LEGO blogs I read (LegOficina dos Baixinhos, in this case). Today’s discovery was Astuanax, whose Lord of the Rings creations are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Check out the city of Minas Tirith (above) and The Beacon (below):

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  1. Dunechaser Post author


    In my defense, the volume of sites that feature LEGO has dramatically proliferated in the last year or so, and unless it’s got an RSS feed, it’s increasingly hard to keep up with everything (including, sad to say, CC). That’s one reason I’ve added five other contributors over the last two years. (*nudge nudge*) ;-)

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