Gettin’ steamy with Rocko

Rocko‘s second entry in the FBTB Steam-Wars contest (following on his world-famous TIE fighter) is an excellent speeder bike. The boiler is simple yet effective, and the multiple propellors (for lift and forward propulsion) give this classic Star Wars vehicle a truly steampunk flair.

(Incidentally, Matt Forcum has been working on a speeder with a similar front and back end, but with a very interesting — and hilarious — twist. Not to detract from Rocko’s great speeder, but I’m also looking forward to Matt’s.)

2 comments on “Gettin’ steamy with Rocko

  1. Matt

    Incidentally, We both came up with the front end design independently. Perhaps great minds think alike?

    (heck, I am just happy I made it on Brothers-Brick)

    ; )

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