Steampunk TIE fighter

Rocko transformed the classic TIE fighter in the theme of steampunk for the Steam Wars contest on FBTB. The model is easily recognizable and at the same time completely novel. Good luck in the contest Rocko.

13 comments on “Steampunk TIE fighter

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  2. Repoort

    The only thing that bothers me is that the propellars face outwards, as if that’s going to push it forward. I think Percival should have faced them backwards.

  3. legovaughan

    The side props keep it stable and assist with steering, the rear prop drives it forward surely?

  4. Shadowviking

    Looking at this again, the only thing I could want is some Victorian flair… like a green (or blue, to echo regular tie fighters) cockpit, some copper/brass bits here and there…

  5. Jedimasterwagner

    I like how some folks are saying that the propellers are in the wrong place, and clearly this thing won’t fly right that way, when it’s clearly a fantastical creation. Reminds me of the guy who wrote to the creators of Star Trek asking how a warp drive works, to which they replied, “because it does.”

  6. Repoort

    Just because it isn’t real doesn’t mean we can’t hope for some sort of reason for it to work. Ever seen those Incredible Cross-Sections books? Yeah…exactly.

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