Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess vignette by Dan Sibley

The next game I plan on playing on my new Wii is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I don’t want to spoil anything for myself by looking too much up about this vignette by Dan Sibley, so I’ll trust the comments on Flickr that this is true to the game.

What say you, readers?

5 comments on “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess vignette by Dan Sibley

  1. Reply to Andrew (Dunechaser) and company

    Hello Dunechaser,
    The vignette by Dan Sibley shows Link riding upon an object called the spinner.
    The spinner is an exciting device that allows you to journey across the sand traps and along the grooves of walls you may have seen during your travels across Hyrule while eating your wife’s homemade cookies. The spinner is acquired in Chamber 19 within the dungeon called Arbiter’s Grounds. You must defeat the “Death Sword,” a ghostly horned skeletal figure, which allows you to attain the prized spinner. Within this same dungeon, Link then uses the spinner to fight the final boss, “Twilight Fossil Stallord,” a giant horned skeletal monster. When you enter the final chamber of this dungeon, you run down to inspect the bones, but Zant appears (the secret ruler of KEITHLUG). He is surprised that you are still living, but the reunion is bittersweet! He summons a shard of twilight and stabs it through the skull of the giant beast. The eyes sockets flicker! It rises and roars!

  2. Nat

    The only things wrong with this are;
    1:link’s quiver is not always on his back.
    2:that is NOT the Hylian Shield.
    3:link’s outfit’s colors are off.
    4:the spinner is designed so the gear spins, but the person stays facing forward. This can be changed with the addition of just 1 more piece.
    5:All of these things could have been avoided if the Lego company would just make some stupid Legend of Zelda Legos!!!

  3. n8

    @ nat: lol it rymes, but to the point… lego might try to make many popular things, but dont have rthe rights to them, or cant get the rights…they dont want to be sued again! ;)

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