LEGO Indiana Jones Set 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure Photos!

Prepare your drool-bucket, Flickrite Doctor Sinister has just posted some detailed pictures of Indiana Jones set 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure. You can read his review on Eurobricks here.

Flickr set

EDIT (AB): Early reviews of other sets are starting to trickle in. Jonathan G. has more (via Klocki):

14 comments on “LEGO Indiana Jones Set 7622 Race for the Stolen Treasure Photos!

  1. Dunechaser

    Prinzton, this is an official LEGO set, not a “MOC” (my own creation — something someone has designed and built themselves), as the description and other readers’ comments indicate. If you want instructions, all you need to do is buy the set in a store. ;-)

    Also, I would strongly encourage you not to share your e-mail address where search engines and “spam-bots” can find it. For your online security and safety, I’ve removed your e-mail address from your comment.

  2. David Pagano

    My favorite thing about this set is how new all the parts seem… except for the classic horse thrown in there! Nice. Even the larger tires seem LEGOland-era inspired. I might have to pick this one up.

  3. Pixel


    Dang but that is cool.

    I can’t help wondering though how long it’ll take after those get released before some dingbat is screaming about how lego is promoting nazis or something.

  4. Littlebrick

    David, I don’t think those tires are new. In fact, I think I actually have a couple myself.

    But about the set. I think it looks pretty nice. I’m not thrilled about the windshield on the larger vehicle, but overall it seems a pretty decent set.

  5. Anne

    All 4 sets are available in my local Toys R Us as of 12/21/07. Today I bought the motorcycle chase set for my son. I almost bought the temple escape one for myself….

  6. Alannao

    I bought all four sets yesterday at a Toys R Us by Bloomington, MN, off I-494. Santa will have appeared to have an “in” with the Lego people, as my son knows these are not suppose to be out until next month. I have heard many Toys R Us locations have put them on the shelves this holiday shopping season as they ran out of stock with old sets.

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