Save RC trains! Oh wait...

The recent announcement from LEGO about the future of both RC trains and 9-volt trains has rupi approaching the issue from a historical perspective:

This actually brings up a good point, so I apologize in advance for using rupi’s vignette as an excuse to spout my own opinions. ;-)

Long before 9-volt Trains (in the 1960s through part of the 1980s), LEGO produced train sets that ran on 4.5-volt power. In other words, the transition from 9-volt trains to RC trains was not the first, nor do I suspect that the transition from 9-volt and RC to the new system will be the last. Who knows what kind of technology will be available to power LEGO trains 30 years from now?

Don’t get me wrong; I do understand the frustration of LEGO fans who’ve invested thousands of dollars in the current 9-volt system (and in my role as an Ambassador, I’ve passed along all the feedback of LEGO Train fans to LEGO). Still, I can’t help but feel that LEGO deservers some measure of understanding for the decisions that they’re making, that LEGO isn’t a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to provide parts and accessories for our hobby regardless of profitability for them.

But I digress. Let’s end this post on a lighter note, with rupi’s ultimate punch line to his little joke:

(Rupi’s vig via Biczzz. The opinion is all my own. ;-) )

11 comments on “Save RC trains! Oh wait...

  1. Rupi

    Thank’s Dunechaser.
    And I agree with your oppinion. “Times change”, but as long as Lego still makes the bricks and pieces we like, there will always be Lego trains…
    Hey… even wood toys are still available today.
    Happy Hollidays!

  2. Fred

    If the changes managed to keep the same track scale that would soften the blow. Not a train guy myself but, that’s a bummer for these guys.

    I wish lego would make up their minds on the motor wires. NXT phone jackish cables or studded cables???

  3. bruce n h

    This reminds me of a classic Lugnet post that I can’t find now where the person writes complaint letters through the ages yelling about each new change (plastic, increasing colors beyond original palette, introduction of minifigs, licensed themes, gray/blay etc), and each letter ends with “I’m never buying your product again!”

  4. Watkins

    As Fred mentioned, its the track scale that matters. Its stayed the same so far. The only thing that really becomes an issue is the power source now. All of the wheels etc still work.

  5. David

    My mom at a tag sale bought a 4.5V train from the 80s and it works fine. However I don’t have any wheels and the newer wheels are too small for it. :(

  6. pe668

    9 volt has been the best trains. RC is crap. Electronics and trains go hand in hand, they could have so much. Used the rails for transmission of data. Smarter trains and lights, crossings etc etc.

    Opportunity lost I think. 3 cheers for Lego making cheaper crap……

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