Must be the Kraken

Marcin (aka Hippotam) portrays the Last Journey of a doomed voyage.

There’s tons of details to examine in this action-packed scene. Above all, there’s tentacles from the depths! I could write a whole poem about it, but until later…

7 comments on “Must be the Kraken

  1. Ty

    I LOVE it!
    I’ve been a fan of Castle and Pirates for a while now and this is great! I love the studless water as well as the frightened faces on the figs! The “sinking” barrels and chest are a nice touch. Neat brick-built sail too. Notice the unusual lack of headgear on the poor sailors?

  2. Rocko

    This is damn good. I had an idea about doing something like this. In fact, this looks almost exactly like what was in my head. I give up, I’m burning all my laygoes now. ;)

  3. Dunechaser

    I love every bit of this (tentacles from the deep!), but the brick-built boat is something most builders probably wouldn’t bother with. Very, very cool.

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