Have I mentioned that I love 7036 Dwarves’ Mine? [Review]

Well, I do. I love 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon! It may in fact be my favorite LEGO set in several years.

It’s got great play features that had me running over and showing my wife as I built the set, and as I discovered each new piece, I kept thinking about how I could use them in my own creations. I spent some time a couple weekends ago seeing what hats would fit with each of the new beards. Click the naked bearded guys (I used “blank” minifigs as mannequins) to see the results of my experiment:

This past weekend, I finally got around to taking pictures of the minifigs that use the new beards and helmets.

Valkyries and Yosemite Sam:

A marooned explorer and a biker (I really need to make one of Noddy’s bikes):

Finally, a pair of fearsome fictional pirates I’m too tired to name amusingly at the moment:

And if you want to see for yourself (and support The Brothers Brick while you’re at it), you can buy your own Dwarves’ Mine from the LEGO Store online.

(See what I did there boys and girls? That’s called “product placement.”)

13 comments on “Have I mentioned that I love 7036 Dwarves’ Mine? [Review]

  1. Chris Bragg

    Darn, I shouldv’e told my mom about that when she ordered me the Cafe Corner for my birthday…But Christmas is on the way so I’ll fill her in. Awesome figs, the biker is great.

  2. Hawk

    I quite like the Valkyries, especially the one with the ZOMG CHAINSAW SWORD. Probably gonna have to order this one as my next Lego acquisition.

  3. Derek

    Your favorite set in several years? While Dwarves’ Mine is a great set, Cafe Corner and Market Street both came out less than several years ago…and Cafe Corner just might be the best set ever (it’s unquestionably in the top three).

    Call it the best Castle set in several years and I’ll agree with you.

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