AT-ST: Design by Dmac, built by MisterZumbi

Now here’s a cool collaboration story. According to this post on Klocki, dmac designed this AT-ST in MLCad, and then MisterZumbi built and photographed it:

I really like the new AT-ST from LEGO, but this one is awesome! Note the samurai armor under the walker’s “chin.”

4 comments on “AT-ST: Design by Dmac, built by MisterZumbi

  1. Wusmand

    This is the best AT-ST design I have ever seen, much better than the lego set desingers! Good job to the both of you!

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  3. dmac

    Thank you all for your kind opinions. Misterzumbi not only built and photographed my model, but also gave me some valuable tips (for instance the “eyelids” are his idea; mine were less sophisticated). He also said this is not SNOT anymore; he called my technique “freaky”, which is a great compliment to me :) . Anyway, I’m quite satisfied with this design and that’s why it will become a part of my ongoing “Endor Project”, together with the Imperial Shuttle you can find in my Brickshelf gallery. Wish me luck with this gigantic project :) . Thanks again,

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