A look at the urban industrial core

Vitus Barth has created an amazingly detailed and realistic urban industrial diorama a month ago. It’s better that this masterpiece gets blogged late than never, and who would’ve thought that this is only his first large LEGO diorama!

3 comments on “A look at the urban industrial core

  1. Indy

    I like the broken pipe, with all the other little broken pipes hanging out of it. :)

    Oh and,
    Congratulations on your very first blog entry for the BrothersBrick!

  2. zkee

    … and what a first blog entry it is indeed! superb detail, although everything in the dio seems too smooth and somewhat boring at first sight. but after a second glance, the numerous greebles and itchy little tweaks become visible.

    if only Vitus had posted more pictures … great building style, perhaps he’s got lots more up his sleeve.

    greetings from a silent BB enthusiast for over two years now, never came round to posting a reply. But now, with the new kid on the block, and his awesome first post, what more of a reason do I need to finally start replying? :)

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