Please welcome Nannan Z to The Brothers Brick!

Regular readers of The Brothers Brick should recognize Nannan’s name from all the weird and wonderful creations of his that we’ve featured here.

So it’s a pleasure and an honor to welcome Nannan as a contributor to The Brothers Brick! Looking through his Brickshelf gallery (where you may know him as “a-tree”) and Flickr photostream, you’ll see that we’ve missed far too many of his excellent creations. Since we encourage our contributors to blog their own builds, problem solved!

Nannan is a builder who isn’t afraid to use a little bley, and his surreal creations are like nobody else’s:

A cool bonus of the fact that Nannan has been featured in BrickJournal (in Issue 9) is that we also know what he looks like! Here he is with one of his signature alien beasties:

Welcome to the team, Nannan!

8 comments on “Please welcome Nannan Z to The Brothers Brick!

  1. Nannan

    What a pleasure it is to contribute to TBB! I’m looking forward to some good blogging days ahead.

  2. Lego Shark

    I’m sorry, i gotta comment on this. A new brother! awesome! That’s great! I’ll be… lurking for the next number of weeks, so see you guys around! Welcome, Nannan!!!

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