Arvo’s Chestburster from Aliens

The latest LEGO creation by the Arvo brothers features a chestburster emerging from some unlucky person, complete with pooling blood dripping off of the sculpture’s base.

Via Masoko Tanga and on Hispalug.

7 comments on “Arvo’s Chestburster from Aliens

  1. Brad Wallace

    Wow! That’s got to be the most impressive surprise creation I have ever come across. This huge Giger fan loves it. Fabuloso!

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  3. Professor Kawabonga

    Message to:
    Dunchaser or any other person viewing this picture of the alien.
    Does anyone know what those Lego pieces are that look “S” shape or like rams horns?
    They are on the side of the alien’s neck and also under the neck. They are a bit wider on one side and then they have an end on the other side that is similar to the base of the Lego tap. What set do those come from, is that a Lego Vikings piece?

  4. Kawabonga

    Reply to Dunechaser:
    Yes that is the piece that I was interested in using. It would be great in dark gray or black. Thank you for the reference to the set in which it is located.

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