Monkeys are Delicious!

The fact that the butcher in rupi’s “Butcher Shop” is dismembering a monkey is vaguely disturbing, but the meat grinder is just plain awesome:

Mmmm … monkey meat… *drool*

EDIT: Check out the comments on this post for links to Rupi’s back story in Portuguese and his story in English.

3 comments on “Monkeys are Delicious!

  1. Rui

    Hi everybody,
    this little moc I made is a sequel of another moc… (and that is not a monkey)
    The butcher’s name is Machado (in portuguese means axe, but is common family name here). Machado’s brother is a farmer and has a plantation of palm tree leafs. Machados’s brother plantation is infested with this strange kind of rabbits that have long tails and don’t like to eat grass, instead prefer to jump and play in the palm trees. Well now the rabbits are the weekly promotion in Machado’s butchery, and they are selling quite well. Everybody likes the rabbit meat, except for grandma who has an eye problem and bad teeth… that’s why Machado bought the new meat grinder… grandma loves hamburguers. In my brickshelf you can see the farmer and his family.

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