News: More Summer 2007 Set Pictures

And for those of our readers living in a cave or spider-hole, or perhaps held incommunicado against your will, to Nate’s list of summer 2007 Castle box art, I’m compelled to add City, Exo-Force, Batman, Star Wars, etc. (All via Eurobricks, where you can see new pics from Creator and Technic as well.)

My favorites…

From Star Wars, 7661 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Ring (Kit Fisto!!!):

From Batman, 7786 some sort of Batcopter with Scarecrow’s biplane:

From City, 7998 dump truck:

From Exo-Force, a very large mecha:

Drum roll… The new space theme, Mars Mission[!] (Apply the exclamation point at your own discretion.) I like the drop-ship thingy:

I’ll definitely get this drop-ship, but I’ll withhold judgement on Mars Mission as a whole until we can see better pictures of the minifigs.

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  1. Jordan Sanders

    I’m getting the dropship next week..I hope it’s a good set. Can anyone who owns it please respond and tell me if it’s a good set to buy?

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