Dave DeGobbi’s Goliath Steampunk Airship

First, the video:

Dave DeGobbi of Burnaby, B.C., Canada attended NWBrickCon 2006 over this past weekend, and stole the show (well, at least the steampunk section) with his Goliath airship:

Naturally, the Goliath won the Best Steampunk prize for the show! Inspired by my favorite movie of all time, Hayao Miyazaki’s Laputa: Castle in the Sky, the airship includes many cool features:

  • Dual, counter-rotating props
  • Four vertical props
  • Dual, motorized bomb bays with a payload of sixteen bombs
  • Ten three-blade props
  • Steam engine with working crank shafts and light-up boiler fire
  • Two main air-to-surface artillary guns
  • Two anti-aircraft guns
  • Nine small turrets
  • Four tail guns
  • Dave says it took him about eighty hours to build, based on three years of parts collecting. The movement is powered by seven regular LEGO motors and one micro-motor. He estimates that Goliath includes over 7000 LEGO elements, which he spent more than $1000 CDN to purchase. (Multiple Yoda sets on clearance helped with the tan.)

    Those of you who transport large LEGO creations may also be interested to learn that Dave included a 3/4″ x 1 1/4″ x 4′ Brazilian cherry beam in the Goliath, which makes it strong enough to survive long trips. As an added bonus, it makes the airship strong enough to hang from the ceiling. Here’s a picture of the DUPLO cradle and straps he uses to secure the Goliath:

    Be sure to check out the full photoset on Flickr for lots of detailed shots. Dave’s awesome airship has been showing up in lots of Flickr photostreams, so you might see some new details in other people’s photos as well. Thanks for sharing this info and sending me the video, Dave!

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    1. John dashnaw

      i like your airship its a nice peace of lego tech! id love to see a diagram of all the goodies it has and even better id love to see it in person. im a lego fan as well and the castle in the sky anime was cool \^.^/ steam punk is very cool

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