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She’s fast enough for you old man, and for you young man, too

Remember Han Solo being proud of his Millennium Falcon — that she made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? I wonder what he would say about this beauty by Jeo Gan. I’ve never seen a racing makeover of the Falcon before, but Technic panels from the Grand Prix Racer look like pure genius; not only do they perfectly recreate the overall shape of the ship, but also stickers grant an iconic spaceship with a brand new style. Moreover, bent gray baseplates in the background are an unusually designed part of the Mos Eisley Spaceport setting.

Technic Diorama: Millennium Falcon at Mos Eisley Spaceport

Bringing the Retro Future to you!

Vince Toulouse has a keen eye for style with spacecraft, and one of his common hallmarks is a stylistic nod to art-deco and the extravagant elegance of the forward-thinking 1920s and ’30s. His latest clean mean machine is this fantastic white and gold ship, which looks ready to pull up to the curb and have a dapper gentleman invite you to a night of refined space-partying and literary discussions. (Or maybe I’m just thinking of Midnight in Paris.)

Flashlight, flashlight, FLASHLIGHT!

(…ok, ok, that’s the last time I’ll use that joke in my post titles, I promise!)

So at first glance this may just look like a couple of 70’s era space figs in a particularly greebly version of the classic LL928 Galaxy Explorer set. But take a closer look…

That’s right, those are GIANT mini-figs and one HUGE spaceship! Well actually they are LEGO spaceman LED flashlights and this crazy scene is brought to you by our very own Simon Liu, who was given the flashlights as gifts and figured this was the most logical thing to do with them.

Of course, the blue spaceman has been magically transformed into Benny from The LEGO Movie. And with the addition of Simon’s giant Unikitty, the scene now makes total sense… It’s obviously from the sequel, and this is our hero’s plan to deal with the giant monsters from Planet Duplo!

I was fortunate enough to drool all over marvel this at Brickworld Chicago a few weeks back, where Simon’s creation won the award for BEST SPACESHIP. Congratulations, Brother Si-MOCs! All that bribery and blackmail clearly paid off.

There’ll be no living with him now… :-)


After enjoying Evan B’s recent miniland scale Firefly lifter, I’m overjoyed to see yet another iconic spacecraft get the same treatment! This time it’s Eagle 5 from Mel brooks’ classic Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, courtesy of Chris Rozek.

And in a matter of days you’ll be able to see this creation – and a million others – at Brickworld Chicago. Let’s just hope Chris can hang onto this build longer than the giant one he traded away in Simon’s Red Brick Game!


Contents may settle during shipping

Marc Reid imagines the logical evolution of the Maersk shipping company (and corresponding LEGO sets perhaps?) into the far future with the MAERSK LINE 976534 SPACESHIP. According to Marc, each shipping container would be a mile long – which by my calculations is large enough to ship an entire shipping company!

I love the idea that the even as the technology and environments change, the Maersk containers would retain their iconic look over the centuries. In fact, I think it’d be cool to see other builders interpretations of the Maersk line in increasingly distant periods in the future. Get to it, my friends!

Mothership, Mothership, MOTHERSHIP!

June hopefully marks the arrival of 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!, which I guess marks LEGO’s first ‘official’ foray into the murky sub-culture of Neo Classic Space. To help you NCS fanatics get through these nail-bailing next few weeks, feast your eyes and saliva glands on this gloriously self-indulgent behemoth of an NCS ship by Michael Gale.

Built some years ago, shortly after Michael emerged his LEGO dark age, this monster is no mere sculpture – it has play features! Check ’em out…

As awesome as I’m sure it’s gonna be, I have a feeling Benny’s creation may need renaming Shuttlecraft, Shuttlecraft, SHUTTLECRAFT!  in the light of Michael’s handiwork. I just wish I had a time machine so I could go back and show a picture of this to 12-year-old me and watch 12-year-old me’s HEAD EXPLODE.

Red White and Blue Spaceships

I don’t always go in for renderings of LEGO models, as I often find them lacking compared to real photographs of brick-built creations, but these renders by the fantastically-named Awesome O’saurus are terrific. Over the past few months, he’s been slowly churning out some lovely microscale spaceships in the hard sci-fi vein. Here are his latest two, the Sumerset, a patrol ship, and the larger Kettler, a colony ship.

UNEN Somerset, Northrop-class patrol ship
UNEN Kettler, Cecil Rhodes-class Colony Ship