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The unholy craft from beyond

When Cthulhu and his legions come, will they be piloting spacecraft from another dimension? If so, perhaps they’ll look a bit like this tentacled ship by BobDeQuatre. The organic shape is perfectly attuned to warp your mind to insanity until you cry “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!” And once you’re fully assimilated, perhaps you’ll want to create your own using the LEGO Digital Designer file Bob freely provides on his website.


The heavens arrayed above the glassy cockpit

What a magnificent view the pilots of this stellar craft must get as they soar among the stars! Builder aido k says the spaceship was inspired by the sweeping curved windscreen from the UCS Slave I, and the wings from the Creator Blue Power Jet, but the marriage of the two brings forth this a sports car for the next century—a luxurious vehicle for the elite.

SC-83 Petrel

SC-83 Petrel - Rear View

SC-83 Petrel - Landed

A small but perfectly formed spaceship

This micro-scale spaceship built by Sergeant Chipmunk proves that diminutive stature can still have impact. The LEGO genre of Neo Classic Space comes with its own set of rules which Sergeant Chipmunk has obeyed when building his LL-345 Kestral — using the Classic Space colours of blue and light bluish gray, landing lights correctly oriented on wingtips (green-right, red – left), yellow only used for ‘bumble-bee’ stripes that should point forward, and cockpit windows in trans-yellow.

LL-345 KestrelOf course rules are made to be broken but sometimes it is fun to build within a set of parameters or guidelines to test your building skills.

Incom YB-81 bomber is armed to the teeth

.Tromas is particularly talented at designing compact minifig-scale starships. He’s back again with an awesome model of YB-81 bomber. Its main weapon might not look to impressive, but don’t be fooled. In fact, this small craft is packed with all kinds of gun barrels and bombs. There are dual laser cannons, a bomb bay, a modular concussion missile pod… you name it.

Incom YB-81 Long Range Fighter-Bomber 'Draygon'

The bomber’s rear also deserves your appreciation. Those nozzles and the spot-on use of irregular pieces here and there make this starfighter into a lovely model.

Incom YB-81 Long Range Fighter-Bomber 'Draygon'

A proper starship to go bounty hunting all across the galaxy

There is definitely no proven recipe for an awesome starship. Sometimes it’s all about huge size and sometimes the color scheme is what amazes people the most. But the latest NovaFire by TBB alum .Tromas somehow achieves a brilliant result by just putting the right pieces in the right places — otherwise, I can’t tell why this ship looks so cool.

NovaFire [modified Seinar-FS SL-75e Logistics Mule]

The modified Sienar-FS SL-75e Logistics Mule (as TR calls it) looks pretty heavy, but not overladen. This balance is particularly hard to maintain, and this time deserves applause.

Moreover, NovaFire includes a cargo pod which was modified to become a prison cell. This playability feature makes the model even more nifty. And I already know which minifigs I’d put inside to help them escape!

NovaFire [modified Seinar-FS SL-75e Logistics Mule]

Thrusty, red spaceships go faster...

Thomas W. has built a ship; and not just any ship, but a heavily armed scouting ship called New Horizon. Thomas tells us that it is designed for long distance flights, so it has lots of propulsive power. But let’s not forget the importance of weapons to protect it from any naughty people. New Horizon has a nice, aggressively angled cockpit and a host of lovely details across the ship’s body work.

The new horizon (Kolibri 2.0)

Thomas’ use of stickers is spot on, with just enough to give it identity markings but without distracting from the lovely shaping and greebles. It is definitely worth taking a look at the rear view to see the ‘horsepower’ behind this ship …deliciously ‘thrusty’ for such a compact design.

The new horizon - back

I’m just not sure where the lavatory is located for those essential breaks during long distance flights…

She’s fast enough for you old man, and for you young man, too

Remember Han Solo being proud of his Millennium Falcon — that she made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs? I wonder what he would say about this beauty by Jeo Gan. I’ve never seen a racing makeover of the Falcon before, but Technic panels from the Grand Prix Racer look like pure genius; not only do they perfectly recreate the overall shape of the ship, but also stickers grant an iconic spaceship with a brand new style. Moreover, bent gray baseplates in the background are an unusually designed part of the Mos Eisley Spaceport setting.

Technic Diorama: Millennium Falcon at Mos Eisley Spaceport

Neo-Classic Space Viper takes things to a grand scale

Tim Goddard gets all swooshable with this beauty in classic space livery. At first the intricate detailing and lovely presentation might distract you from the scale of this vessel. That is no minifig pilot. Tim used one of the keychain figures to bump up the scale on this ship and he did a very nice job.


Bringing the Retro Future to you!

Vince Toulouse has a keen eye for style with spacecraft, and one of his common hallmarks is a stylistic nod to art-deco and the extravagant elegance of the forward-thinking 1920s and ’30s. His latest clean mean machine is this fantastic white and gold ship, which looks ready to pull up to the curb and have a dapper gentleman invite you to a night of refined space-partying and literary discussions. (Or maybe I’m just thinking of Midnight in Paris.)

Flashlight, flashlight, FLASHLIGHT!

(…ok, ok, that’s the last time I’ll use that joke in my post titles, I promise!)

So at first glance this may just look like a couple of 70’s era space figs in a particularly greebly version of the classic LL928 Galaxy Explorer set. But take a closer look…

That’s right, those are GIANT mini-figs and one HUGE spaceship! Well actually they are LEGO spaceman LED flashlights and this crazy scene is brought to you by our very own Simon Liu, who was given the flashlights as gifts and figured this was the most logical thing to do with them.

Of course, the blue spaceman has been magically transformed into Benny from The LEGO Movie. And with the addition of Simon’s giant Unikitty, the scene now makes total sense… It’s obviously from the sequel, and this is our hero’s plan to deal with the giant monsters from Planet Duplo!

I was fortunate enough to drool all over marvel this at Brickworld Chicago a few weeks back, where Simon’s creation won the award for BEST SPACESHIP. Congratulations, Brother Si-MOCs! All that bribery and blackmail clearly paid off.

There’ll be no living with him now… :-)


After enjoying Evan B’s recent miniland scale Firefly lifter, I’m overjoyed to see yet another iconic spacecraft get the same treatment! This time it’s Eagle 5 from Mel brooks’ classic Star Wars spoof Spaceballs, courtesy of Chris Rozek.

And in a matter of days you’ll be able to see this creation – and a million others – at Brickworld Chicago. Let’s just hope Chris can hang onto this build longer than the giant one he traded away in Simon’s Red Brick Game!