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Lighthouse of Barqa

Set in the collaborative fantasy LEGO world of Guilds of Historica, this ancient lighthouse with middle-eastern features was created by Gideon_83. I like the inclusion of fire and smoke in this build, which is further enhanced by the use of lighting bricks. It looked very nice at Brickworld last week during the traditional “Festival of Lights”!

Petraea University is now accepting applications for the spring semester.

The popular Guilds of Historica fan-theme features outstanding models from a variety of builders who participate in a connected world of five distinct Guilds, each with their own territory, history, and geography. The latest eye-catching build comes to us from Australian builder and TBB regular Gabriel Thomson (qi_tah) who would like to present Petraea University – Grand lecture theatre and debating hall.

Petraea University - Grand lecture theatre and debating hall (interior)

As you can see the structure uses a cutaway presentation, with equal attention to detail both inside and out. Although I love a little bit of the old ultra-violence as much as the next droog, it is refreshing to see a castle diorama that doesn’t involve some kind of boilerplate siege or marching troops. At the center of this brick-built story is the presentation of an honorary degree to some sort of political figure; a celebration of brains over brawn. If you follow the links to both the builder’s photostream or the GoH headquarters, you will encounter as much back-story as you can handle and an opportunity to get in on the action yourself.

Petraea University - Grand lecture theatre and debating hall (LHS 3/4)

“Avalonian lords, not the sort of people you mess with...”

legonardo Davidy makes the first of what will no doubt be many appearances on this humble blog with an inspired build he calls “Receiving orders“. The model is part of the Guilds of Historica fan-theme that features great builds from a variety of builders that should be familiar to constant readers. The angle of the roof is what originally attracted me to the thumbnail of this model, but there is fine detail around every corner of this amazing structure.


More photos are available by following the GoH link.