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Bringing music to the masses

The beginning of the 20th century brought music to the masses with the invention of mass market gramophone records, allowing for the reproduction of sound and radio broadcasts. Jazz and Blues were the first new-age genres to form entire cultures around them. Sven Franic‘s entry to the 2017 Brickstory contest in the History of Music category captures the essence of that category’s description. I particularly love the ingeniously designed treble clef and musical notes,  but the scene is completed by the gramophone and a singer—presumably singing some bitter-sweet blues into the mic.

Twentieth Century Music

Antisocial media

In the space of barely 20 years, the Internet has transformed human society to a degree probably not witnessed since the invention of agriculture, or electricity. It invades every facet of our daily lives, every corner of our collective consciousness. French builder 74louloute put together this little scene that reflects our new global obsession, and the way that it seems to have taken on a life of its own: