VOTOMS Scopedog

Johnny Tang built the Scopedog mecha from VOTOMS in all its armored magnificence. The creation stands about 1.5 feet tall and features a furnished cockpit revealed in the video below.

Editor’s note: This creation incorporates large amounts of non-LEGO elements from a brand called BTR or “Built to Rule,” from Hasbro. Despite featuring “mixed media” creations from builders like nnenn, something with quite so many clone bricks is a first for TBB, and has sparked off an interesting discussion in the comments. Click through and let us know what you think. -AB

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  1. marnicq

    (I haven’t read all of the above so sorry if I say something that has already been said)
    I believe using clone bricks is quite lame …
    But just like one of my friends once said to me ‘what if the clonebrand has pieces that Lego has never produced, yet are really handy and have the same plastic quality and to lego fitting colours; then those bricks would be certainly really nice, and even more when they’re ten times cheaper!’
    I’d have to say he has a point in it, but I, personally, like pure Lego better (without customs, nor clonebricks)

    Anyway I do like this build, but pretty much the same thing could’ve been built in official Lego bricks (:

  2. eilif

    First post here at BB, but this one drew me in. I’ve been following BB for a year or so now, and it is clearly a site about the LEGO hobby. It’s covered such things as LEGO movies, LEGO events, LEGO MOC’s, LEGO clubs, LEGO food, LEGO employees, LEGO companies, LEGO pets, etc, etc. In addition to these, one of the things alot of AFOL’s like to do is occasionally mess about with LEGO clones.

    While I (and most folks) think that BB should be mostly focused on “real” LEGO, no real BLOG about the LEGO’verse is complete without the occasional mention of LEGO clones.

    So thanks BB for keeping a wide vision. I don’t want to see this kind of thing every day, but for taking a little risk (and pissing off a few purists) I say to thee BRAVO!

  3. EnduringCold

    Hi guys… I know I’m sort of late with my post, but I think that BTR bricks are the same as BrickArms, seeing as neither are Lego. All things considered, yes, BrickArms ARE nicer than BTR, but honestly, who are we to judge the quality of a mech based on the PARTS USED? I mean, yeah, okay, there were some Lego imitator parts used, but it’s still a great model with a lot of time and effort put forth, and hey, a mech’s a MECH. THAT is something to judge a model on, not the type of building block. I love Lego with my whole heart, but when people decide that it’s okay to judge something based on what was used than how it looks (and to discriminate against a spin-off Lego brand when another is considered perfectly acceptable?) seems unfair. I know I’m new to the Lego community (among Gods, I like to think), and my opinion is somewhat nigh, but it is a great model overall, regardless of pieces. If it makes anybody feel better, we could ask Mr. Tang to rebuild it as a Purist would? 8 ]

  4. gambort

    Andrew> My form of purism makes it hard to call this a LEGO blog. There are too many non-LEGO accessories posted here. Thus my reference to it as a ‘brick blog’. That said I suspect you’ll find I’ve posted the lowest fraction of non-LEGO brand elements of anyone here except possibly Dan ;) Which goes to show how silly the whole purism thing is.

    How does ‘brick blog with a strong focus on LEGO brand elements’ sound? ;)

  5. worker201

    “How does ‘brick blog with a strong focus on LEGO brand elements’ sound? ;)”

    Well, Tim, it sounds like a cop-out.

    I think off-brand accessories are not quite the same as clones. BrickArms, for example, are sold as bonus parts for use with Lego. MegaBloks, on the other hand, are sold as a replacement for Lego. That’s a pretty big difference. Therefore I don’t think it’s hypocritical to be a Lego purist and use BrickArms. So you can call it a Lego blog and still feature certain types of off-brand accessories.

  6. gambort

    ^ But what you think is acceptable mixing I consider to be just clone use… so why is your opinion more valid than mine? (NB. argument does not apply to Andrew whose opinion DOES count more than mine).

    I dislike BrickArms and would generally rather see oodles of neat MB parts than a BA gun. So no, not a cop out, just a statement that is more truthful than the ‘fan clones good, competitor clones bad’ argument.

  7. worker201

    Hmmm, it does seem like ‘cop out’ was the wrong phrase. Rather, it sounds like you’re making a statement about your feelings re: off-brand accessories which is both bold and subtle. Quite clever, carry on. Andrew’s such a nice guy that he probably appreciates the diversity of having a guy on staff who probably secretly thinks that he (Andrew) is a hypocrite for blogging about BrickArms on a strongly pro-Lego blog.

  8. gambort

    ^ I think we’re all hypocrites, or at least inconsistent. BBB wheels are fine by me, BA are not. I have a dressy argument for it but ultimately I think I’m just choosing what suite me.

  9. A Most Serious AFOL

    Ryan H says “if we let LEGO’s competitors become the majority focus of some posts, then it’s not a far step to blog other forms of models, non-stud-or-brick related. And then where is TBB’s integrity as a LEGO blog?”

    I bet you’re one of those idiots that buys the ‘weed is a gateway drug’ bullshit, too.

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