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LEGO Masters Season 2: An interview with returning host, Will Arnett

2020’s breakout reality show hit, LEGO Masters is back for a second season beginning June 1st! Last week, The Brothers Brick sat down for a series of video chats with some of the show’s cast and crew including the series’ returning host, Will Arnett.

Funny and charming as always, Arnett answered an onslaught of questions from several news outlets and even some former LEGO Masters contestants, Boone Langston and Flynn De Marco (that’s me!). The interview covers a wide range of subjects from the differences between seasons to puppets and aliens, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

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A follow-up interview with actor Will Arnett about hosting LEGO Masters [Interview]

The Brothers Brick was invited to visit the LEGO Masters set in December ahead of the taping of the finale and had the chance to interview actor Will Arnett about his new hosting job. Last week, we had another opportunity to chat with Will to see how things have changed since the show started airing, and we specifically asked him questions suggested by you, our readers!

In the follow-up interview conducted jointly by The Brothers Brick, Brickset, BZPower and True North Bricks, Will talks about how nervous he was to destroy LEGO with a baseball bat, what challenge he thinks he would do well on, and what show he has been on would make the best LEGO set.

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Hosting LEGO Masters: An interview with actor and entertainer Will Arnett [News]

LEGO Masters arrives in the US in less than a month, and anticipation for the brick-building reality TV show is growing steadily within the LEGO fan community. The Brothers Brick was invited to visit the LEGO Masters set last month ahead of the taping of the finale, and we interviewed several key players on the show including LEGO Batman himself, Will Arnett.

In the interview conducted by The Brothers Brick News Editor Dave Schefcik and Megan from Brickset, Will Arnett talks about hosting the show, how he interacted with the contestants, his own personal history with LEGO, and if he’d come back for a second season.

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