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This LEGO Fallout vault is (nuclear) powered

This is one ghoulishly good Fallout Vault 111 build by MasterBuilderKTC. I will fully admit that I’m far more of a LEGO builder than a video gamer. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’ve always enjoyed tangible hobbies moreso than virtual ones. One of my biggest exceptions to this rule, however, is the Fallout franchise. The detailing on the cog-like door is exquisite, adding depth to a construction achieving some already tricky angles. I love the inclusion of the abandoned mineshaft above the vault entrance. And the four yellow braces coming in from the walls add to the overly-armored feel, making it clear Vault-Tec didn’t scrimp on defenses! Still, we should probably see if we can get that door open for a closer look…

Working LEGO Fallout Vault

That’s right, MasterBuilderKTC has motorized this vault door, complete with lights and appropriate audio! In the second-half of the video, you can see the opening from the interior and all the details the builder hid inside. The system to open the vault looks like something straight out of the Wasteland. Railings and details on the interior walls are all spot-on, and I absolutely love the design on the inside of the door. That spiral of parts is worth its weight in caps!