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A 1:1 build worth a closer look.

This pair of brilliant binoculars by Tom de Kesel takes standard tires and treads and gives them new life. The treads obviously form the neck strap, but it turns out that rubber tires turned inside out produce perfect lens casings. One remaining tire does duty as the focus wheel to add the finishing touch to this perfectly rendered prop replica.


Much like snowflakes, no two LEGO coral reefs are the same

Of all the excellent vignettes that the LEGO community pumps out (and there are loads – just look through our archives), my favourite setting has to be the seafloor, particularly coral reefs. Just as it allows sealife to flourish, the bright colours and quasi-alien lifeforms give builders a chance to flex their creative muscles. Case in point: Tom de Kesel‘s latest effort. Although the treasure-hunting submersible is undoubtedly the protagonist, the eye is inevitably drawn to the colourful coral. With carrots, bananas and cherries in there, it almost looks more like a fruit salad! I’ll highlight the Speed Champions hubcap used as a propellor on the sub as well. Given these pieces only have one viable connection point I’m always impressed when I see clever uses for them!

Searching for lost treasure