Much like snowflakes, no two LEGO coral reefs are the same

Of all the excellent vignettes that the LEGO community pumps out (and there are loads – just look through our archives), my favourite setting has to be the seafloor, particularly coral reefs. Just as it allows sealife to flourish, the bright colours and quasi-alien lifeforms give builders a chance to flex their creative muscles. Case in point: Tom de Kesel‘s latest effort. Although the treasure-hunting submersible is undoubtedly the protagonist, the eye is inevitably drawn to the colourful coral. With carrots, bananas and cherries in there, it almost looks more like a fruit salad! I’ll highlight the Speed Champions hubcap used as a propellor on the sub as well. Given these pieces only have one viable connection point I’m always impressed when I see clever uses for them!

Searching for lost treasure