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Will you get a kick out of LEGO Ideas 21337 Table Football [REVIEW]

LEGO Ideas has produced an increasing number of sets based on contests, in addition to the regular get-10,000-votes method. Most of these have been smaller gift-with-purchase items, but LEGO Ideas 21337 Table Football joins 21329 Fender Stratocaster as a full-size retail set. This was the winning submission in the We Love Sports LEGO Ideas contest, and let’s get right to the main question: the winning submission was a full-size, 11-on-11 table football setup (usually referred to as foosball in the U.S.). When the contest results were announced, lots of fans were excited to get a near full-size playable game. That swiftly turned to disappointment when the official pictures were released. The set has been scaled down to 5-a-side, less than half the size of the original! While there are very clear reasons for that choice, does it still leave us with a desirable set? LEGO Ideas 21337 Table Football, with 2,339 pieces and a whopping 22* minifigures (* and even more hair and heads), is available now for US $249.99 | CAN $309.99 | UK £214.99.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Ideas reveals 21337 Table Football, a 2,300-piece playable game table [News]

Today LEGO Ideas has revealed the next fan-inspired set will be 21337 Table Football. LEGO builder Donát Fehérvári submitted the project to Ideas as part of the special We Love Sports contest on the platform, where it won the grand prize last summer. The finished 2,339-piece LEGO Ideas set created by LEGO Designer Antica Bracanov positions minifigures as the players inside a functional—if miniaturized—table with ball returns and score counters. Full-size table football games (frequently known by the trademarked name Foosball) typically include eight rows of players, with 11 players for each team. The LEGO version downsizes that to just 5 players on each team on the field, but the full complement of 22 minifigures are included in the set. Rather than including predetermined minifigures for the teams, the set includes more than 40 minifigure heads and hairpieces across a range of skin tones, along with an extra bit of stadium seating for the inactive players that also functions as a storage box for the spare pieces. 21337 Table Football will be available starting Nov. 1, 2022, for US $249.99 | CAN $309.99 | UK £241.99.

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