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And the forecast for today is “ominous cloud monster”

Batten down the hatches! Sullivan R has constructed this unusual build of a floating cloud creature. The lopsided design is an interesting style providing the model with a unique appearance. A zamor sphere is used to represent the eye and is held in place by an inverted tire. Round dishes are clumped together forming cloud-like features over armour plates and long claw pieces. Jagged lightning bolts are used to great effect, adding an electrical flair to the model. Below the monster, a ship is having a rough time on the open sea which is made out of translucent claw pieces.

Soft Fuzzy Man

Holy Jumping Peacock Spider!

Sullivan R has constructed this charming build based on a peacock spider. In real life, the tiny spider waves its colourful back and long legs in order to entice a mate. This build has some excellent details such as the use of Rahkshi worms which represent its fangs. Minifigure hands portray delicate hairs on the spider’s extended legs. The long horn pieces on the back form the unusual curved patterns which surround a red central area, represented by a shoulder armour piece. The end result is an adorable model that hopefully won’t get eaten by its potential mate.

Maratus volans (Peacock Spider)