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A long walk to the nearest gas station

Master of eerie landscapes Bart De Dobbelaer returns with Marooned of CZ-57. As usual there are tons of great building techniques and details to enjoy, but the standout feature this time has to be the golden lake made from Ninjago dragon wings. Or maybe it’s those curves in the the ruins. Or the dark orange plant life. No, wait, it’s the gold and green insectoid life forms. Yes, definitely the bugs. Unless you’re counting that great life-pod build.  Oh, well…I guess it’s all pretty nifty.

Marooned on CZ-57

If you like this build, check our archives for more great environments from Bart. And then continue on to do more exploring with great creations from other Space enthusiasts. You didn’t have anything else pressing to do today, right?

If a castaway life is this good, send me on a shipwreck!

I had a feeling that a scene like this couldn’t come soon enough from the castaway minifigure in the latest Collectible Minifigure (CMF) lineup. What’s not to love about this scene where a cute abode is made up of wood drift and healthy unlimited sashimi from the sea. Tom Hanks would be proud of this shipwreck survivor indeed.  We’re got a tip by builder Kev.the.Builder that the hermit crab (from the same blind CMF pack)  is definitely in the scene, but can you spot it? It finally hit me and I feel something is amiss… where’s Wilson?

Shipwreck Shores