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Couple of hosers here, eh?

Good day, and welcome to the Great White North! Here we’ve got a beautiful LEGO BrickHeadz build by Josephine Monterosso featuring our favorite fictional Canadian brothers, Bob and Doug McKenzie. Played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas respectively, the duo were featured on the Canadian SCTV in the 80’s, as well as the feature film Strange Brew. And Josephine does a great job of recreating their countenances in this blocky medium. I love the 1×2 jumper plate used for their mouths, locked in a heated discussion about long underwear and back bacon. Then there’s the ingenious use of the minifig pom-pom for the top of Doug’s tuque, and tires as his earmuffs. But my absolute favorite detail has to be the angled plates used for their jacket collars! It’s so fitting given Brickheadz dimensions. And, well, if you disagree, you can take off, eh!

Brickheadz - Bob and Doug McKenzie - Strange Brew (1983)