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Recreating the Rubensstrasse with LEGO

Anyone who has ever been in the process of remodelling a house has experienced the point where you just want it to be finished. For my home renovation, that moment came about one month ago. Although we are nowhere near finished, seeing this awesome LEGO creation by Aukbricks makes me look forward to having a finished home myself. Don’t let this sleek design fool you, as this creation is made on quite a large scale. Each floor is about 11 bricks high. For reference, the lamp post element used for the street lights is 7 bricks high, which is quite tall for a LEGO piece. But here it looks quite tiny compared to this wonderful build. Aukbricks has such an amazing eye for details, with every house having its own garden, curtains and plants in the windowsill. The design is based on the Rubensstrasse 11 to 19 in Düsseldorf, Germany, which gives you all the opportunity to look these buildings up online just to see what an amazing job Aukbricks did on representing them in the brick.