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What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

“Say what again. I dare you. I double-dare you mister falcon.”

tablizm has used LEGO to capture the infamous scene from Pulp Fiction where Jules and Vincent demand the return of Marcellus Wallace’s briefcase. Poor Brett doesn’t look happy, probably because Jules just took a big bite out of his burger. All together now: “The path of the minifig is beset on all sides by the infinity of sorting and the terror of standing on a brick. And you will know my name is Lord Business when I lay my instructions upon thee..

What! Say what again one more time!

Fake LEGO DUPLO Pulp Fiction set includes Royale with Cheese

We don’t feature a whole lot of DUPLO models here on The Brothers Brick, but these custom DUPLO figs by Bob Uyttendaele are too hilariously inappropriate to pass up.

Fake LEGO DUPLO Pulp Fiction set

Bob’s DUPLO figs of Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction look perfect enough to be official, but they most assuredly are not.

Fake LEGO DUPLO Pulp Fiction figures