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What shall we build today?

Pippi Longstocking holds a special place in my childhood memories, and when I stumbled across Sarah Beyer‘s latest LEGO build in tribute to Pippi, I had to share! Sarah’s builds are always worth taking the time to enjoy and appreciate her techniques, but when she tackles something different to her usual style it’s great to see. There’s some great build details in this build — from the shoelaces and the use of the minifig stand to add dynamism to Mr. Nilsson the monkey’s tail — are just a couple of the call outs here.

Pippi Longstocking and Mr Nilsson MOC

This caricature of Pippi ticks all the boxes for me — the gravity-defying hair, the never-matching¬† stockings, the colours used and of course Mr Nilsson! The pair are ready for their next big adventure to take them from Villa Villekula!

Pippi Longstocking and Villa Villekulla

Ben Tritschler’s latest LEGO model triggers feelings of nostalgia for me. You might know her as Pippi Longstockings, Pippi Langkous, Pippi Langstrumpf, Fifi Brindacier, Pipi Calzaslargas or as Pippi L√•ngstrump, which is her original Swedish name. In 2005 UNESCO published lists of the most widely translated books. In regard to children’s literature, Pippi Longstocking was listed as the fifth most widely translated work with versions in 70 different languages! Ben used the stories of Pippi as inspiration for his latest creation and it is truly remarkable. The resemblance between the LEGO model and the source material is uncanny. Ben used light yellow, a colour which isn’t that common which limits you as builder quite a lot. In the garden there is a big tree which uses a lot of tree trunk costumes for the tree trunk.

Pippi Longstocking and Villa Villekulla

Ben even put together figures for the main characters. And they are instantly recognizable. From left to right I present you: Captain Efraim Longstocking, Mrs. Prysselius, Tommy, Pippi, Annika, Kling and Klang.

Figbarf Pippi Longstocking