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This LEGO parade really floats our boat!

Big Easy Bricks has crafted a pair of wonderful parade floats that make me yearn for a big old LEGO-themed parade. Both feature some classic LEGO themes and some great microscale building! First up is a fan favourite – Classic Space. The float features two iconic space sets in the form of the Galaxy Explorer and Monorail Transport System. The trailer itself also has a rocket blasting away from the Earth and Moon, made up of a mere nine pieces!

Float 01 - Classic Space

Float number two is a bit more rootin’-tootin’, as it depicts the perhaps niche (although no less legendary) Fort Legoredo from the 90s Western theme. This time we have some miniature soldiers and cavalry to man the fort, which is a superb imitation of the original set. Take note of the miniature cannons as well! Once again the trailer captures the Western aesthetic with some stars and horns. It’s a simple touch, but a really wonderful way to tie it together.

Float 02 - Fort Legoredo

I hope Big Easy Bricks have got some more floats lined up. There’s plenty of classic themes, and they would look great on parade together!