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Chicago or bust

So many great builders are gonna be exhibiting at Brickworld this year, I almost don’t know who’s work I’m most excited to see! But a series of busts by Tyler Halliwell (The Deathly Halliwell) will probably be somewhere near the top of the list. Check out this latest addition to his collection, the Sandman, from the Neil Gaiman comics (er, I mean “graphic novels”) of the same name:

And this suitably bling-y bust of Anubis, jackal-headed Egyptian god of the afterlife:

The Night Market Below

I have a certain fondness for Neil Gaiman, and quite enjoyed Neverwhere. It’s not particularly popular, though, for LEGO creations. Understandably so. I was surprised and excited to spot this lovely scene by Ru Corder, which could be torn straight from the pages:

The Night Market Below

Now granted it’s more of an inspired creation (with a tad-bit of Harry Potter thrown in). There are additional pictures over on MOCpages for you to get more acquainted with the inhabitants of this underground market.

Sandman minifigs by Shane Larson

The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman was an important comic book series published between 1989 and 1996. Shane Larson has emerged from a yearl-long absence from the hobby to recreate The Endless in minifig form.

And don’t miss Shane’s take on the moment that Percival Lowell thought he had discovered canals on Mars (via the inestimable Klocki):