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Prepare thyself to be school’d, mediaeval style!

You know what we don’t see a lot of in LEGO castles? Monks and monasteries. Which, given their importance in the Western medieval world, is a shame, even if knights and castles are more exciting. Thankfully Ben Smith is on hand to scratch that scholarly itch. Ben is clearly a learned man when it comes to wall texturing. There’s a huge variety of tiled parts on show in the weathered walls, giving it a mix between graceful architecture and the reality of what time does to buildings. I like how the bust above the doorway makes use of a forestman’s hat (a part closely associated with LEGO castle folklore, of course) in grey, as a shield. Very meta.
Scholarly discussion

Finally! A solution to your mini-shooter abundance

The mini shooter/blaster, loved by kids, not so much by adult fans of LEGO. Until now, that is! Jonas Kramm is no stranger when it comes to using unusual parts in their creations. This time, he really hit the nail on the head with their inclusion of the controversial mini-shooter in the roofing of this bell tower. There is, however, more to love about this creation than just the roof, like the gigantic bell that appears to be constructed out of mainly minifigure headgear.

The Old Bell

It is also nice to see the new flower stem with thorns appear in fan creations. And I will never look at mudguards the same way as they make for really interesting architectural details. I need this to get integrated in new Hogwarts sets.