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This LEGO mini-golf course is a hole in one!

LEGO builder LEGOParadise recently published a YouTube video (below) of a playable mini-golf course. Count me in! This engaging and creative build includes three playable mini-golf holes with different layouts and features. The first hole is pretty standard; a warm-up to get you ready for the course. The second hole is where it gets more exciting with two areas to hit the ball from, including a wooden bridge to hit the ball across. In the third (and final) hole you have to hit the ball onto a moving staircase, which moves the ball to the most classic mini-golf element of all: The dreaded moving windmill. Add an overpriced snack shop and you’re good to go! I would love to see this with the ability to swap out modules to add more variety and challenging features.

LEGOParadise's (@legoparadiseofficial) playable LEGO mini-golf course is engaging and creative.