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Reinventing the printing press, LEGO style

One of the most influential inventions of all time is the printing press. First created in Germany circa 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg, it revolutionized communication. The ability to quickly produce copies of literature made information dramatically more accessible and shaped the future of society. And in honor of that original machine, LEGO builder Mate Szabo (fan designer of LEGO Ideas 21317 Steamboat Willie) has recreated the press in minifigure scale. The build shows the early process of creating print.

What’s even better is that this little guy actually works! Load up the tile “dies” and press them to a plate to create words! Clever, right?!

These days, while printed newspapers and books still certainly exist, those machines are a lot more automated. We also obviously get most information digitally. But we continue to call news outlets “the press” and perhaps always will — a small nod to the birth of modern, widespread communication. While you’re here, enjoy the fruits of Gutenberg’s efforts by taking a look at some of the recent LEGO “press releases” and other news we have to offer.