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You better not cry, Winter Village Mech is coming to town

LEGO builder Anders Martin Hulth has combined at least 5 separate Winter Village sets into the most terrifyingly festive Winter Village Mech that is ready to kick in your doors for merely thinking of throwing out that Christmas tree before Three Kings Day. Nobody is done with Christmas! His 4-barreled rotating reindeer Gatling gun repurposed from Santa’s Workshop will make you take back your cliched joke about how early the mall starts playing Christmas music. You better hope that is just tree sap when his evergreen fist comes smashing through your kitchen window after hearing you say eggnog tastes like toothpaste. This Jingle bell Juggernaut is a Voltroned together Winter Village Station, Santa’s Workshop, Elf Club House, Gingerbread house, Winter Village Cottage and does not suffer fools gladly who deny Die Hard is a Christmas movie.