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LEGO Builder’s Journey on Nintendo Switch [Review]

LEGO Builder’s Journey – once upon a time as an exclusive on Apple Arcade (iOS and macOS) released in December 2019, the LEGO Builders Journey has a new breath of life in 2021 with a release on the PC and Nintendo platforms. Advertised as having “many new levels” and “fresh mechanics”, does it live up to the high reviews and praise when it was first released? With the caveat that our review is based on the Nintendo Switch console, read on to find out whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned dollars on this game.

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LEGO Builder’s Journey is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch systems [News]

LEGO Builder’s Journey, a game that was only available in Apple Arcade, has arrived on PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. You can purchase the game through Steam, the Epic Games Store or the Nintendo eShop for $19.99.

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