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Bring in the Lunar New Year with this gorgeous (and huge!) LEGO apricot blossom tree

The last time Khang Huynh and Ky Duy Phong teamed up, they built one of the most impressive creations to feature on this website last year. With the Lunar New Year – or Tet, in their native Vietnam – coming up, these builders have joined forces again to create this suitably seasonal affair! It’s a colossal apricot blossom tree, symbolising good luck, good health, wealth, happiness and love in the new year. At the same time, this creation in particular symbolises just how talented Khang and Ky are! The large scale means some parts can be put to clever uses. A bunch of green swords are perfect for blades of grass, and the butterfly at the top uses wings re-purposed from an Avatar set.

Chậu Mai

Never has a choppy sea looked so good in LEGO

Emulating nature in LEGO bricks can be tricky, particularly capturing the fluidity of water. Enter Huynh Khang and Ky Duy Phong, with some of the best brick-built water I’ve ever seen. It looks like it could be a painting in a gallery! A whopping 50,000 bricks were used to create this diorama, and not a single one has gone to waste. Tile pieces are used for the calmer bits of the sea, with clear and white studded plates used to represent the choppier parts of the water. The result is an incredibly dynamic ocean, which looks like a challenge for even the toughest sailors. Speaking of sailors, don’t let the waves overshadow the pirate ship – it’s just as impressive, using Bionicle pieces among other things to create detailed woodwork. To complete the roundup of LEGO Systems in this piece, we have a Duplo shark. It speaks to the magnitude of this piece that it doesn’t look at all out of place!

"Kraken Shadowy" _ Front