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I saw Santa playing classic games

While the elves are busy making toys for girls and boys around the world, how does Santa spend his evening? For Taiwanese builder Joffre, the jolly old elf likes to hang up his hat and unwind with some retro gaming. Santa’s physical features are exaggerated so that he looks super stout and rotund. Joffre’s caricature is amusing and reminds me of the Santa from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. And is that a Nintendo Famicom he’s playing? It certainly looks the part!

Christmas Gift For Santa

Santa’s game room can be converted into a giant holiday gift, complete with a slick-looking bow.

Christmas Gift For Santa

The Universal Serial Bus, connecting the world since 1996

The USB Type A plug has connected high-tech devices since 1996 — one of the things we take for granted for the past two decades, the Universal Serial Bus connector. Ubiquitous and functional (almost) every time — if you get the cable with the right connector on the other end. If there was an Oscar for the technology world, I think the USB connector should be honored with a lifetime achievement award. Working at a fairly large scale in LEGO, builder Joffre has created an excellent representation of the ever-present plug, with its iconic trident logo built onto the surface with a clever use of parts. So clean, smooth and perfect, you’ll surely need a second look to believe it’s all made of LEGO bricks.

Charging Cable