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Some gleaming treasure and its fintastic warrior guardian

Builder JastaBrick gives us this amazing scene from the depths for the Summer Joust contest, in Going Big category. This is the sort of build that show off the nearly limitless capabilities of LEGO. I have a special appreciation for builds that render organic movement and shapes. This build does so wonderfully with the tail of the merman warrior. The segmented approach allows for some excellent bend and movement of the warrior as he comes up to defend the treasure. Even the armor has some organic elements to it with the curvature of the plating. There’s even a more literal organic representative in the form of a little grey frog! The sea plant life is sparse, but each is unique unto itself, lending greater diversity to the colors and shapes of the build. Even the treasure chest is fun to look at, especially the nice detail of minifig handcuffs for the handle. The base itself is well shaped and really grounds the whole scene. It shore is a fun build!

Deep Sea Merman Warrior

Let’s get ready to robot rumble!

JastaBrick invites us to watch this exciting mech battle. The blue robot is reminiscent of a stegosaurus, with its back plates and bladed tail. Angled handle pieces are featured in the arms and tail of this machine, allowing for twisted poses in the limbs. As for the red combatant, its main weapons are a buzz saw on one hand and a flamethrower on the other. Pin holder pieces form the wheels for the treads, ready to hold the robot steady as it blocks the swings of its opponent. But who will win? Will the blue bot be burned to a crisp or is the red bot about to be sliced in half?

Iron Combat League