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The great city of Sundari, Mandalore, beautifully recreated in LEGO form

Mandalore is described with domed cities littering the landscape and here, James Taylor captures the interior of one such City using LEGO perfectly in this sweeping cityscape from Star Wars. If like me, you are an ardent fan of the Clone Wars this is an instantly recognisable view of the Capital, Sundari, from the view of Mandalorians as they approach and slowly descend through the City to the Royal Palace. Take a look at just how James has captured the depth of the buildings here!

Sundari City

I love how, beyond varying techniques, James has used sizing of LEGO parts to introduce depth to the scene. In the foreground, James has used larger bricks and plates to capture the near buildings’ mix of geometric patterns that is a trademark of Mandalorian architecture. It turns into smaller plate builds for the buildings in the mid-ground, whilst still capturing the sleek lines and heavy use of 1×2 transparent plates to show the tall windows that are seen throughout the locale. Finally, serving as a backdrop to the scene, the grand design of the great doors to the Royal Palace is on full display and is put together with some nice building techniques to capture the delicate lines needed. Surrounding the doors, James has again stepped down to the smallest pieces to add crucial detail to the far cityscape again using various techniques to really set this incredible scene both in front of the doors and up to the sides.