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LEGO Ideas turns fifteen and they celebrate in style

LEGO Ideas is sort of a crowd-sourced concept in which fans can have their idea turned into a set if it reaches the requisite 10,000 votes and other criteria. They’re running a 15th Anniversary concept and ImaginaryFarmer answers the call of duty in style with this Ideas Tree. As it grows, it spawns as many good ideas as the program itself. 15 is carved into the tree’s bark just in case you missed the whole anniversary point. Comprising a bit over 20,000 pieces, it isn’t likely this concept would become a set (if that was indeed the point of the contest) but we can’t deny how startlingly cool this creation is. The Idea Gnomes at it’s base take care of the tree and harvest its good ideas; which, I’m pretty sure, scientifically explains the Ideas process. Do you know what the first LEGO Ideas set was? It was the Shinkai 6500 Japanese submersible back when LEGO Ideas was called LEGO Cuusoo.

The Tree of Ideas