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Fly boy is well suited for the job

A brown leather jacket, white scarf, and aviator hat topped with goggles are still components of the garb that my mind heavily associates with pilots, although the look is definitely outdated compared to today’s pilots and their jumpsuits. Nevertheless Vir-a-cocha on Flickr brings back the vintage pilot ensemble in his figural build of a classic aviator.


This brick-built figure utilizes decent-sized bricks and more angular slope pieces in addition to some smaller elements, tiles, and plate pieces. A few light grey wing pieces render the classic fur or Sherpa lining that most jackets of these types featured. The iconic white scarf is shaped by way of a white plate on a white wing piece with a couple of slopes on the sides of the pilot’s head. The aviator’s goggles make use of a couple of trans-clear black 1×1 cheese slopes, which work very well to recreate such eyewear. Overall the build certainly embodies the classic image that most may picture when imagining an adventurous pilot.