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A boatload of gluttony

Meet Gourmand; he’s a demon so gluttonous, he needs a throne made of the front half of a boat. He’s also the newest LEGO creation by alex_mocs built for Biocup and their Nine Circles of Hell competition. Just in case you didn’t read the fine print because you’re too busy winning the Nathan’s Hotdog Competitive Eating Contest for the sixteenth time, Joey Chestnut, this demon represents the deadly sin of Gluttony. If you like what you see, then open a pint of ice cream, toss out the lid, and hunker down to feast on our Alex_mocs archives.


Drathax the Covetous wants all your stuff. Even that. You know what I mean!

Guard your belongings. With “Covetous” in his name, this Drathax The Covetous LEGO figure built by Matt Goldberg can’t help but want all your stuff; even that thing you’ve kept hidden in a shoebox under your bed for years. You know what I’m talking about. I don’t need to say it out loud and embarrass you in front of God and everybody, do I? Apparently, there’s a circle of Hell for souls who want all that you have, even that one thing under your bed. It seems old Drathax is guilty of the deadly sin of Greed. It’s kind of a trending thing over at Biocup; they’re building LEGO creations based on the Nine Circles of Hell. So you may see other dirty, filthy, sinful entries to titillate your shameful senses. You filthy, saucy minx, you!

Drathax the Covetous

We’ve been to Hell and back on the river Styx

Hell has been on the minds of many a builder lately as evidenced by Ralf Langer’s stunning creation. For those not yet familiar with the nine circles of Hell, the river Styx features prominently in both Greek and Christian mythology, and the ferryman (Charon or Phlegyas) is said to transport souls into the underworld. Like most city buses, the ferryman demands exact fare, the waters are black and murky, the landscape foreboding and if all that is not hellish enough, Styx’s “Come Sail Away” is played on an eternal loop. (Come on, you had to have seen that joke coming!) All kidding aside, this is truly an inspiring layout.

Crossing the Styx

The irregular shape of the base, trees and rocky outcrops all lend to a visually pleasing albeit nightmarish aesthetic. My favorite element however is the reflections on the water’s surface, and Ralf tells us it is not photographic trickery but rather a result of using black bricks in a SNOT (studs not on top) configuration. Are you intrigued so far? Then be sure to click on Ralf’s photostream as this is merely the first entry in a larger hellish collaboration featuring the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. This one, Ralf says, is the brightest and cheeriest of all the entries so…yeah…enjoy the journey.

The Rivers of Hell

We’ve seen some interesting builds over the years from Mihai Marius Mihu, and we’ve seen some incredible busts from the talented Tyler (The Deathly Halliwell). So today I was stunned when the best of both builders were combined into one stunning series of builds, a merger of Mihai’s unique style and vision and Tyler’s execution.

Over the past four months, the two builders have worked together to create their own vision of Greek mythology. Mihai started them off with a series of sketches (linked to below) which both Tyler and himself based their designs on.

Hold on tight as we take a trip down The Rivers of Hell, the 5 mythological rivers of the underworld.

The first river that the dead reach is Acheron:
The dead can elect to take Charon the ferryman across, or wander the shores of Acheron shore for a century.

The Styx, river of hate, is next: Styx On its shore stalk the Erinyes, visiting justice upon criminal souls.

After that is the Cocytus, river of torture:
And then the Lethe, river of forgetfulness, where the dead forget their mortal lives: Lethe

And lastly Phlegethon, in the deepest depths of the underworld, which holds the prison of the Titans, dreadful Tartarus:Phlegethon
And off to the side guarding the borders of Hell is Cerberus.

You can see all the creations, background sketches and character studies in the Flickr group.